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Master the art of picking up strippers. We teach you how to pick up strippers and how to date a stripper with our proven products and live coaching programs.
How to date a stripper
Learn how to date a stripper
How to date a Stripper - Coaching

Sign Up For Our How To Date A Stripper Ebook. Learn how to pick up Strippers and how to date a Stripper. Enter your name, email and phone number and one of our coaches will pesonally call you and coach you so the next time you go to a Strip Club, you will be able to pick up a stripper. We guarantee results ...

Let our professional Image Consultants give you a Makeover and help you look more attractive to Strippers. We will turn you into a Ladies Man, the type of guy ALL women want. We will even show you how to dress and talk so Strippers find you irresistible. We will take you shopping and give you a full "How To Date A Stripper" Makeover ...

We offer both phone coaching and live,

1 on 1 coaching where you can spend a night or a weekend in a Las Vegas Strip Club and learn how to pick up a Stripper and take her home with you. We also teach you how to date a Stripper and how to get a Stripper to fall in love with you. We even have a class to teach you how to get her to give you her money! Yes ..

This site was founded by the world's best Stripper Pick Up Artist. We keep his name a secret because he is well known across North America and even had a radio show helping men pick up women for over 6 years. He has dated over 500 Strippers and has had multiple Stripper girlfriends all giving him their cash for the last 15 years. And, the beauty of it all.... he never asked for a dime! They gave it to him because they fell madly in love with him. This is all verifiable information as there are many people, especially in the pick up artist community, that know who he is, fear his abilities and can back up everything I am about to tell you.


This man can walk into ANY Strip Club and pick up any stripper he wants at any given time and usually in less than 10 minutes. Yes, he is a Stripper Seducing legend who now lives in Las Vegas, NV, the Strip Club Mecca of the world. He is very well known across Vegas as he frequents the best clubs on a regular basis, never pays a cover charge, and always gets the best treatment imaginable. We CAN NOT release his real name or his image because he is currently teaching men these skills and dating 4 different Strippers in Vegas while married to an exotic bikini model half his age! If the clubs or the girls found out who he is or what he is doing, he will become flagged and unable to teach this amazing skill that he has spent his entire life developing.


I have personally seen this man (lets call him Damien) walk into a strip club and have girls beg him to dance for him and when I say beg him to dance for him, I mean they beg him to dance for him for FREE! I have seen Strippers physically fight over him and wait ouside the club for him pleading with him to go home with them. I have personally seen strippers trying to make out with him right at the club and do inexplicable things to him all because of the way he talks to them. He has taught Strip Club DJ's and Managers how to seduce the dancers and again, this is all 100% verifiable information as you could walk into 20 different clubs across North America with him and the staff will applaude him as he enters.


Best of all, he is not good looking, over 50lbs overweight, almost 50 and losing his hair, yet 18 year old dancers in Montreal, Canada attack him and 21 year old strippers in Las Vegas beg for his attention. He NEVER pays for dances and sometimes even gets girls to buy him drinks! 


How does he do it??


Damien is an impeccable dresser and used to be an image consultant. He can give you a makeover that will completely change the way you look and put you on the path to pure success. He even tells the dancers at the club what to wear and what not to wear. He knows all the staff at most the clubs and his personality is larger than life. And, when I say 'knows all the staff', he gets to know them on his first visit! It is part of his teachings to get to know the staff right away and he will show you how to do it too. He is an amazing life coach and has a way with words that will give Hollywood writers a run for their money.  He has walked into Strip Clubs across America and within 15 minutes he makes life time friends. His personality is magnetic and magical. His presence demands awe and respect as soon as he enters the premises. His charisma, energy, enthusiasm, eye contact and behaviour is what every stripper dreams, craves and desires in a man. He is the ultimate man's man, the smoothest ladies man and probably the most exciting person you will ever meet.


I want to be clear, he does not spend any money on the girls. At most, I have seen him buy her a drink and only because he knew he would be sleeping with her later on that night. He does not use pick up lines, canned routines or any tricks to pick up women. He simply uses his personality and his language to leave a first impression that is seldom forgotton. He know how to talk to women, how to look at them, how to touch them and how to get them to do things they never dreamed of doing. I have had the pleasure of spending time with him in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Chicago, Las Vegas and even in the Carribbean. He is the real deal and since he was a radio host and a seduction coach, he can teach any man to do everything I have just described. He has taught me everything I know and I was an internet nerd when I met him over 8 years ago. Now, I am able to pick up any woman, not only Strippers, and have them chasing after me. I owe my life, my success and my happiness to this man and urge you all to spend a few hours with him because it will change your life too.


I wish you all the best and hope you have found exactly what you are looking for on this site because if you are tired of spending money on strippers or want to pick up strippers, or learn how to date a stripper, or get a stripper to become your girlfriend and benefit financially in the process, then you are in the right place and 'Damien Diamond' is the only man that can help you.


My Sincerest Regards,


Paul Carter


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Damien and his services.

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