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Learn how to pick up strippers and how to date a stripper with our proven products and live coaching programs.
 How To Pick Up Strippers
"12 Mistakes You Make With Strippers and How To Avoid Them"




To become a ladies man, you have to learn how to look like a ladies man.


You have to learn how to become more attractive to Strippers.


Picking up Strippers is not about being good looking; it's all about looking good.


Beautiful women are generally attracted to guys who have confidence and guys who have attitude.


The way you dress, screams confidence and screams attitude. It is the best way to capture her interest, spark that initial attraction and get her physically attracted to you.


Let me explain...


Strippers are attracted to 3 distinct qualities:


1. The Way A Man Dresses

2. The Way He Talks

3. The Way He Behaves


This is step 1. Learning how to dress to become more attractive to women.


Strippers are generally attracted to 2 types of guys.


1. The "Bad Boy"

2. The "High Roller"


I will teach you how to become the High Roller and the Bad Boy regardless of your looks, age or income! Yes, dressing the part and playing the part is all image and I will show you how to dress, talk and behave so every Stripper you talk to will be attracted to you within 30 seconds of speaking to you because that is all it takes!



If you don't know what mean, click here to see some examples.






This is big! If you want to date strippers, you can not pay for dances Gentlemen. NEVER EVER! Once you get a dance, she thinks of you as just another 'Jon' to get money from.


You become her 'client' and she would not jeopardize the $$ to have sex with you when she can have sex with any guy she wants.


Most guys go to Strip Clubs to get dances and don't realize that the dancers are not attracted to them. They are all attracted to his cash.


You have to set yourself apart from all the other guys. Never get a dance and never tip her.





Do not look at her when she is on stage.


Do not tip her while she is on stage.


Do not let her catch you looking at her.


If you get eye contact with her from a distance, look away like she's Rosie O'Donnell. Make sure she sees you looking away like she is the ugliest girl you ever laid eyes on. Strippers are used to guys wanting and desiring them.


Show her that you do NOT want her nor desire her.


Act indifferent when you are speaking to her.


Do not check her out.


Act like you are not interested in her.


Her: You wanna dance?


You: Sorry baby, I don't get dances. Its not my style.


Her: So why are you here?


You: I am waiting for a friend. Why do you ask so many questions? (as you smile and wink)


If she persists, you say ...


Listen girl, I have to be honest, I would NEVER pay a woman to get naked for me. As far as I am concerned, she should only be so lucky to get naked for me. There are a lot of guys here that would be happy to pay you. I, sadly, am not one of them. Anyway, nice talking to ya... (smile, wink, and wave good bye to her and be sarcastic)




We can teach you how to date a stripper WITHOUT spending money on her. It really is that easy ...






Guys, please understand that when it comes to attracting, meeting and dating strippers, “nice guys” will always finish last.


Strippers do not want to date a “nice guy.” They want to be with a confident and cocky guy who is edgy, has personality and attitude.


Have you heard the phrase "Nice guys finish last"? This is exactly what they were talking about ...


Nice guys are too easy for her and fall into the “Customer” category.


Hot Strippers want a guy who is NOT easy and when you’re the “nice guy”, it lowers your status and they automatically assume you’re easy or just another loser going to Strip Club to get dances.


Have you ever noticed that all the hot, sexy women out there never seem to be dating or attracted to a "nice guy?"


And to make matters worse, doesn't it seem like all these beautiful babes are dating guys that are assholes?


Better yet…


Have you ever noticed that it’s always the girls you don't want that are suddenly interested in you?




Exactly, because you were not interested in them and you were not trying to be nice to them. This is not a coincidence.


This goes for regular women too.


Women just don't like "nice" guys. They are all too easy for her.


Beautiful women want a challenge.


Always remember that. Especially Strippers!!


They want to be intrigued when they first meet you; they want to be kept on their toes,


They want a challenge.


I will personally teach you how to give Strippers the perfect challenge so she chases after YOU every time!


I will show you how to walk into any Strip Club and instantly get the ALL the Dancers into you. I will teach you how to date strippers and show you how easy it is to pick up strippers.






What do most guys do the first time they see a Stripper? They compliment her or try to be the "sweet guy"


The sweet guy is worse than the nice guy.


Not only does it not give her a challenge, it actually makes her feel uncomfortable.


She will dislike you if you give her a compliment. You have to stand out above the crowd. Every guy that comes in there or that she dances for compliments her and tells her how hot or sexy she is... BORING!!


Dont do it.


Strippers don’t want to hear compliments and they don’t want to hear pick up lines. You will seem like a desperate loser in her mind because you are too interested in her and you're too easy for her.




Because Strippers live for the thrill of the chase. The second they know they can have you, they will not want you anymore.


This is the game!


When you want them, they do not want you.

When you don't want them, then they want you.


(This is the secret psychology to the way women think. Guys think like this too and you will be the exact same way once you are able to get any woman you want.)


Compliments and pick up lines do not work because you are basically telling her that you want her, you like her and you are interested in her..


She might smile and laugh but in the back of her mind she's laughing at you, not with you.


It's all a game and you have to learn how to play it.


There are 3 phases to the game...


The First Phase - Begins when you first meet her.

The Second Phase - Begins right after you have sex with her.

The Third Phase - Begins when you get into a serious relationship with her.


I will personally teach you how to play the Game and all 3 phases so she falls madly in love with you. I will teach you how to date any Stripper you want and how to get her crazy about you on the first date!!


I will even show you how to make Strippes fall madly in love with you, that they will give you their cash!!


Yes, you are in the big leagues now.







A lot of guys make the huge mistake of kissing her ass or agreeing with everything she says when they first meet her.


Strippers don't want you to kiss their ass, exactly the opposite...


Remember kissing her ass or looking for her approval doesn't give her that challenge she so desires.


Women want a challenge and if you want her approval don't suck up to her and don’t kiss her ass.


Do the exact opposite...


Pick on her, make fun of her, ignore her, be indifferent, act like you're not into her, put her down and joke around with her.


If you want to be a success with Strippers, you cannot kiss their ass and you can not agree with everything they say.... agiain its BORING! Picking up strippers is an art form and I will show how to master it!




You have to learn how to capture her attention and how to seduce her mind when you are talking to her.


Seduction is a mental process, NOT a physical one. Seduce her mind and only then will you seduce her body.


So many guys think that they are so lucky when they actually begin talking to a beautiful woman. This is why they don’t score.


You have to show her that SHE is the lucky one to be talking to YOU. She is the lucky one if she gets to go out with you.


This is very important guys.


You have to become the prize, not her!


A woman will chase a man who does not want her and will dump a man who chases after her.


Which guy do you want to be?


The one they chase after or the one who gets dumped?


NEVER kiss her ass!






So many guys out there just come on way too strong. Women want to want you; they don't want YOU to chase or want THEM.


I know it's crazy but that's the way they think. In this day and age women don't want to be "picked up."


They actually want to be the one to pick you up!


Think about it ... Strippers can have anyone they want so they’re obviously attracted to guys that don’t want them. Guys that give them a challenge.


You can never let her know that you want her or that you are interested in her. She should never know what your intentions are or where you stand.


So many guys are doing great with women until they make the grave mistake of asking her for a number and then she says no.


There are many ways of getting her phone number and taking her out but asking her for her number is definitely NOT one of them.


Don't come on too strong; Let her come after you and let her chase you. The more you go after her, the more she will push you away.


When you push her away, she will come after you!







What happens every time you ask a Stripper for her phone number? She will either give it to you or say “give me yours.” Usually if she gives it to you it's because she is trying to turn you into a customer. You have to get her number and talk about going out with her. NOT seeing her at the Strip Club.




If she’s interested in you, she will gladly give you her phone number. If she asks for yours instead, it’s because she does not plan on calling you or ever seeing you again and is only taking it to get you off her back.


Never make this mistake again.


If she says give me yours you say: “sorry girl, I don’t hand out my phone number to every woman I meet, The last Stripper I gave it to stalked me!  She will love it.


Give her a challenge!


Emails are very easy to get. If you want her email, just say: “hey, you have email?” before you walk away OR "Hey, you on Facebook?".


Strippers will gladly give you their email addresses and Facebook but again only because they do not plan on going out with you.


Do not ask for email or Facebook.


Your conversion rates are MUCH higher when you get her number and call or text her.








So many guys get her phone number and then screw it all up because they either call or text too soon or call and text too often.


If you want to date a stripper, you must wait at least two days until you call or text her for the first time.


This is very important!


If you call or text her too soon, she will think you are too eager and too interested and she will lose interest in you.


The same goes for if you call or text her too often.


You only call or text her ONCE and ONLY to set up the date.


Create anticipation, create chemistry and show her that you are not desperate.


I will show you exactly how to get her number and what to say and how to text her so she looks forward to your date! I will even help you with Texting or "Sexting" as I Like to call it.


Sexting is an art within itself and I will show you how to make women horny using text messages!


I can even show you how to get a Strippers to chase after you and pursue you with 1 simple text message!


It's really that easy !!









Strippers have the “sixth sense” when it comes to attraction. They can tell if you want them and how bad you want them by the way you look at them, the way you talk to them, the way you behave around them and the things that you say.


Remember, once she realizes you want her, you're out! She will lose all interest in you. You become her customer.


So your body language, your behavior and what you say to her will determine whether you pick her up or not.


It is very important that you act like you are not interested in her.


How Do I Do That?


By giving her a challenge!


How Should I Talk To Her?


- With lots of energy and lots of charisma

- Speak loudly, Speak clearly and speak calmly

- Talk with confidence, have energy and enthusiasm 

- Use the tone of your voice

- Have confidence, have attitude, be cocky, be funny, be sarcastic & control the conversation

- Act like you are NOT interested in her.

- Look right into her eyes and smile as you are speaking to her

(eye contact screams confidence)

- Pick on her and make fun of her the whole time you are speaking to her

- Tease her and make her laugh


Laughter is the key to her heart and also the key into her sweet little panties!!!



I will teach you exactly what to say...


I will show you how to be funny, how to make her laugh, how to use the tone of your voice, how to portray confidence, how to have attitude, how to be cocky, how to be funny, and how to be sarcastic.


You will learn EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about Strippers and more ...







How many times have you done this?


This is one of the biggest mistakes men make with women in general.


Timing is everything when it comes to picking up women.


You must not tell women, especially Strippers, how you feel about them when you meet first meet them and you must not tell her how you feel about her too soon in the relationship.


You have to learn what women want and how to give it to them gradually so they don’t lose interest in you.


How Do I Do That?


- Do not use pick up lines

- Do not come on to her

- Do not give her deep compliments

- Do not tell her how you feel about her

- Do not act nervous when you are speaking to her

- Do not let her know where you stand

- Do not let her know what your intentions are

- Do not let her know that you are interested


Let her be the one to initiate these things with you!





Gentlemen please understand, in order to achieve the best results to become the man that every woman wants, you need to get the proper guidance from a professional.


Picking up Strippers is a skill and like any skill it can be taught.




So many guys have no idea where to turn so they ask their friends or they turn to useless websites or worse, they ask their 'girl' friends and get steered in the wrong direction.


Your friends don't know or else they would be married to a model and having passionate sex all day long. (that will be you soon!)


Neither do your girl friends or else they wouldn't be your 'friend' because you would be sleeping with them.


I have been teaching men how to meet and seduce women for the past 20 years. I am an Image Consultant, a Dating Coach, a Psychologist and I even had my own Radio show for over 5 years.



I have heped over 1,00,00,000 men become better with women and am probably the ONLY guy who can correctly teach you how to approach, meet and date Strippers because I have the knowledge and power to transform ANY man into a Ladies Man in less than 4 hours! 


I have dated over 1000 Strippers from both Canada and the USA and I have had over 10 different strippers as steady girlfriends who have given me ALL their money!




I am now going to tell you all my secrets and give YOU the knowledge and power to have ANY Stripper YOU want, anytime anywhere!


Keep in mind, everyone's situation is different and in order to achieve the level of success you deserve, you need some personal guidance from a professional.


I will need to talk to you over the phone and coach you every step of the way.



You can call me, toll free, right now and I will be happy to get you started.


Simply call (877) 381 6100 and press 1.


I will answer the phone!


If you enjoyed my free tips and were able to understand them, imagine spending one night at a Vegas Strip Club with me??!


Do not procrastinate any longer.


Do not waste your time reading all the crap on the internet and do not waste your precious money on all the  BULL SHIT products out there.


Gentlemen, this is the ONLY way to pick up and seduce beautiful Strippers.


This is the way Players do it. The way Pimps do it, the way athletes do it and the way all guys who are successful with women do it.


99% of the websites on the internet are a SCAM.


They WILL NOT speak to you or answer your questions over the phone.


You need PERSONAL GUIDANCE to achieve your goals because everyone is at a different level and many of you struggle with different aspects of game.


I have an amazing 100% success rate because I speak with each and every member PERSONALLY and I fully guarantee your success or your money back!


I offer an unprecedented 6 month money back guarantee and you know what... NO ONE has EVER asked for a refund because they have all achieved the results they wanted.


And, I GUARANTEE you will too.


Simply download my How To Pick Up Strippers Audio Series and take advantage of the free 10 minute phone consultation with me.


If you are not achieving AMAZING results the next time you go to a Strip Club, call me and ask me for a full refund.



My program is the only PROVEN program that will give you the results you want AND it is the only program that has successfully worked for every single person who has completed it.


Don't believe me??



Listen To Over 1000 Testimonials From Men and Women All Over The World Who Call My Radio Show!






Don't wait any longer. You have NOTHING to lose and so much to gain. Get what you want and live the life you truly deserve.













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